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 ***** Hi Mike.... My name is Walt Bender and I met you and your lovely wife at the Cleveland Airliners Show last month. I don't know if you remember me, but I told you that buying your book was one of the main reasons I attended the show. I was thrilled to see the book available at your table and you signed the copy that I bought with a nice inscription. Thanks! May I say that your book has not disappointed me in any way. I guess my obsession with the tragedy back in 1956 really made an impression on me, even at the young age of nine years old at the time. One reason, I think, is that even from such a young age, I was mesmerized by travel and flying back in the "Golden Age" of the airlines as it's been called. My parents would take my three brothers and I on some really nice trips back in the day, and living in Cleveland, most were on United at the time. I do remember traveling with my mom and dad on an Eastern L-1049 Super "C" Constellation back in 1956, traveling non-stop from Cleveland to Miami. The return was on an Eastern Super Constellation as well. Mike, I have loved flying and traveling as far back in time as I can remember. Maybe that's why the tragedy in the Grand Canyon left such indelible mark on my life over the years. I knew not one of the passengers or crew. You told me you lost your uncle Jack and it motivated you to pursue your passion to find answers. Your book explores an infinite number of possibilities, but as even you conclude, who will ever know what really happened. I think it was in chapter ten, that other than the families and friends of the passengers on both flights, who really cared about the souls that were taken so horrifically? I, for one, though not related in any way to any of those people, care...a lot. I was in shock as a little boy when it happened and every year on June 30th, I say a prayer for those lost that day back in '56. I haven't completed reading the entire book as yet, but one thing is certain. You are a masterful commander of the English language. I have thought on many occasions when picking up the book to continue my reading, that you must have been a college English professor. The words you use, in my opinion, are not for the average sixth grader. The book is not written for simplicity but eloquence and accuracy. While reading, I can feel your knowledge and passion for the project you started by the way you write. I am retired from working for Northwest Airlines for nearly thirty-eight years. I am now a substitute teacher and could only be envious of the exceptional job you did authoring your book. I hope I haven't bored you with laborious rhetoric or undeserved accolades. I thank you for your work in writing this book and all the time and effort you put into the completion and seeing it through to fruition. In closing, may I just say that, as a Christian man, I really think more than fate was involved in the demise of TWA flight 2 and United flight 718. I believe that the souls from those two flights were not lost into oblivion so many years ago. I believe that God, in His mercy and grace, has spared the smallest baby to the oldest passenger on those two flights, including your uncle, Jack Groshans. Time will reveal my conclusions, but I hope you concur with me, that all things happen for a reason. Thank you again, Mike Nelson, for a job well done.

Kindest regards, Walt Bender

  *****  Excellent Book - Tragic Disaster

To my knowledge, a book has never been written about the accident that caused two airplanes to crash in the Grand Canyon in 1956. 
Very interesting. Hard book to put down even knowing the next chapter may contain more heart breaking information. A book well worth reading the second time, which I plan on doing. I highly recommend this book.


*****  Dear Mike -- I'm overcome with pride in being related to the author. It's a wonderful book, which I carry around with me to show everyone. It took all of my attention for several days and I ordered one for the Library so they would be acquainted with it -- wept a few tears as well. You are a fine writer and have such a great understanding of people's feelings and reactions.  Jack must be overjoyed that you took so much interest and time in his tragedy and delving into all the fascinating details. Mike, I'm really so proud of you.  

Loving thoughts from Aunt Joyce

(Author's aunt; widow of Jack Groshans, the author's uncle, who was one of the victims.)

 ***** Hello Mike, We would like to have your book ~ "We Are Going In" for our Library at the LAX Flight Path Museum.

Thank you, Ethel Pattison: LAX Historian

***** Good ReadFebruary 8, 2014

This review is from: We are Going in: The Story of the Grand Canyon Disaster (Paperback)
The story cleared up many of my questions about the tragedy. The author provides a wealth of details that were little known.
By S. Welch
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***** March 6, 2017
Hello Mike, I received my books today and I want to thank you for the wonderful words you wrote that express what I felt and understood in reading the book. I can now relate and connect to that tragic event on a level I never imagined. I want to thank you again for making this possible. Looking forward to reading the second edition.
Kind regards, Mike Minesci